SOLOMON'S BUILDERS: FREEMASONS, FOUNDING FATHERS AND THE SECRETS OF WASHINGTON, D.C. deserves repeated and ongoing mention as an excellent survey of Freemason influences on United States history.

Midwest Book Review

Hodapp's work is the first well written account of the philosophical thinking that led to the formation of a common man's democracy. This is the reference book that teachers need to read and public schools use in their American History classes.

Karl Grube, Ph.D.

Bonisteel Masonic Library

Ann Arbor, MI

Indeed, this is one of the better books that I have seen that credits Freemasonry where credit is due, while debunking many of the more common claims made by both Freemasons who wish to see Freemasonry's positive influence everywhere, and by our enemies who use it to reveal Freemasonry's insidious attempt at world domination.

Thomas W. Jackson

The Northern Light Magazine

What distinguishes SOLOMON’S BUILDERS from the good and bad, malicious and benevolent, is its honesty, humor and clarity . . . With books such as SOLOMON’S BUILDERS some day the astrological signs, mystical cross-streets and conspiracy mumbo-jumbo of Washington, D.C. will be in its proper place – among the astrology predictions, crosswords and Junior Jumble of the funny pages.

Mark A. Tabbert

Author, American Freemasons:

Three Centuries of Building Communities

In SOLOMON’S BUILDERS, Hodapp brings us something a little different; an academically written book on the early days of American Freemasonry without the pretentious trappings of most scholarly treatments on the subject. The book is meaty without being overwhelming and yet contains sufficient end notes to back the claims and research that has gone into the project. But perhaps the greatest thing the book accomplishes is that it separates fact from fiction and will hopefully dispel some long held notions about the Founding Fathers, masonic symbols and the ever present eye in the pyramid on the dollar bill; many myths, which are willfully accepted by members of the fraternity.

Stephen Dafoe

Author, Nobly Born

ISBN: 1569755795

Ulysses Press

Paperback, 280 pages

December 2006

US $14.95

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Solomon’s Builders was extensively excerpted in US News and World Report’s special publication “Secrets of the Lost Symbol” in 2010.