“Christopher Hodapp, who is the author of Freemasons for Dummies and his co-author Alice von Kannon have produced a wonderful book on the history of the Templars and the crusades that is sure to be of value to those interested in learning more about the Knights Templar. Hodapp and von Kannon not only cover this aspect of the subject, but also delve into the various neo-Templar Orders that exist today including the Freemasons and the SMOTJ.”

Stephen Dafoe

Author, Nobly Born

“Chris and Alice have tackled the Templars from not one or two but EVERY angle and in the process, gotten yet a third home run in a row. If you’ve ever read works about the Templars before and felt like you’d just asked a question of one of the blind men describing an elephant, then this is certainly the book for you.”

Ed King


“From defining knighthood and monkhood, to the Templar Rule established by St. Bernard of Clairvaux for their government, to their mission of protecting pilgrims on their journey to the Holy Land and their creation of the first international banking system and letters of credit, through their last years of defeat, denunciation and final destruction, everything you would ever want to know about the Templars is laid out in the freewheeling but accessible "Dummies" style to which Hodapp and Von Kannon are becoming very well accustomed.”

Nathan Brindle

The Indiana Freemason Magazine

"The Templar Code for Dummies" is useful for Freemasons as it draws parallels and shows the divisions between the Masonic Order of the Knights Templar, and the historical Knights Templar. Throughout the book, there are also "Dan Brown Alerts" which alert the reader to Templar topics that have to do specifically with the works of author Dan Brown (primarily "The Da Vinci Code); and the "Templar Code for Dummies" serves to dispel many of the myths being fostered by "Internet Templars" (those who claim the title of knight and Templar based on a click of a mouse and their membership in an on-line forum). . . .If you are interested in Templar history, there is plenty of it in this book. Interested in the Templar quest for the Holy Grail? There is something about that here too. Did the Church suppress the `Divine Feminine', and is this what the secret found by the Templars? Chapter 13, discusses this Truth or Feminist Fiction. And... if you are a Freemason of the Scottish or York Rite, this book is essential reading.”

Michael Chesbro

Rainier, Washington

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ISBN: 978-0-470-12765-0

Wiley Publishing

Paperback, 384 pages

June 2007