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Alice Von Kannon has been an advertising executive, a teacher, a writer and even a greedy and villainous landlord. She has studied film production at Los Angeles Valley Community College and history at California State University Northridge, and she worked for many years as a writer and broadcast producer.

Alice has traveled widely, and has written on the subject of the Barbary Wars and the birth of the U.S. Navy. She is a member of the Romance Writers of America, a Dame of the Social Order of Beauceant, and a member of the Order of the Grail, the fraternal body of the International College of Esoteric Studies.

A history junkie beyond the help of an intervention since the age of 14, her recent studies of Near Eastern religious cults and sects led to The Templar Code For Dummies. Also co-authored with Chris Hodapp, her second book, Conspiracy Theories And Secret Societies For Dummies, was published in March 2008.

Alice appeared on the Discovery Channel program, “Hunting The Lost Symbol” in 2009 and SyFy’s Culture Shock with Tommy Lee in 2012. In 2010, Hodapp and Von Kannon developed episodes for the History Channel program, Brad Meltzer's Decoded. In 2012, they both appear on H2’s America’s Book of Secrets, produced by Prometheus Entertainment.

Her historical romance novel, Heart’s Blood, set in Salem, Massachusetts in 1803, will be available soon.

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